Janelle Belly Dancer

Rates and FAQ

We have many options for you, from individual performance to group ensembles. If you have any questions, please contact us any time.
831-295-0953 or email: janelle@janelledance.com

Solo Performances

Bellygram: $250 for a 10-15min performance
This short solo bellydance performance is perfect for celebrations were only a short visit is suitable or where guests are not as familiar with Bellydance. If you want a special twist to your celebration, invite us as a surprise to the Guest of Honor.

Classic Bellydance Routine: $300-$350, 30-45 min
This is the original bellydance performance! This show is usually broken into two parts - the first part is a full performance by a solo dancer using multiple props, including veils, and/or sword when appropriate. This leads directly into the second, shorter part, which is focused on getting the audience up and dancing and getting your party moving. Or, if you want to we could also provide a teaser lesson for all the guests. All of our shows include the magical finger cymbals!

Performance and Lesson: $350-$450, 45-60 min
If you have ever wanted to learn bellydance this is a great opportunity to do so, and take your friends with you. Your performer will start with a short Bellygram and then move into a 40-50min lesson. We’ll even adjust the lesson depending on level of experience of everyone involved. This is perfect for bridal and baby showers, or just a ladies night in! You can also book our Belly dance studio for your event!

Group Performances

Hire part or all of Desert Dream! Group performances are filled with choreographed dances and solos using a variety of props and cymbals. This is the perfect option for larger celebrations including weddings! For larger performances, please book at least 3-5 weeks in advance to be sure that your performers have enough time to create the perfect performance for your celebration.

Duet: $500-600, 15-20min
Trio: $600-700, 20-25min
4 Performers: $800-$850, 25-35min
5 Performers: $950-$1000, 30-40min

6 Performers or more – prices vary and are dependent on availability of dancers, please contact us for a quote. Must book at least 1 month in advance.

Note: all our prices are based on Santa Cruz, Monterey and Bay Area locations. Additional expenses including travel (outside standard travel range), length of performance (if desired length is different from those listed), number of sets, venue, and other factors may apply. Please feel free to contact us about any questions.


What type of music do you use? How will it be played?

Each performer will provide a CD or iPod with the set list as they have constructed and we will discuss with you before hand which option is best for your celebration. If you have particular musical tastes, please do let us know! We will be happy to tailor our selection to your preference. If no preference is selected, then the performer will pick her favorite, from traditional Arabic music to modern Arabic fusion unless otherwise discussed with you ahead of time.

How far in advance should I book?

As each performance is hand tailored to your celebration, the sooner you invite us, the better! For larger group performance, we do ask for 3-5 weeks notice so as to coordinate dancers. But! If you have a last minute request, please don’t ever hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to see if we can squeeze you in!

Is tipping appropriate?

Tipping is always greatly appreciated and appropriate only unless the hostess has directed otherwise. Depending on the celebration, tips may be tucked into the dancer’s belt, shoulder strap or thrown above her in the form of a “money shower”. Or, where these methods are not appropriate or available, the tip can also be added to the performer’s payment or a collection can be made at the door.

How is payment accepted?

Payment is expected immediately after the performance, both cash and checks are accepted. Deposits may be requested depending on the number of dancers and length of performance. If this is the case, PayPal may also be accepted for the deposit. Please note that deposits are fully refundable until the Monday before the event.


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