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Salimpour workshop santa cruz

Isabella Salimpour in Santa Cruz
June 25, 2017 -Topic: Hip Hop Belly Dance Fusion Drills & Combo's 12-3pm

$60 early bird (by June 10)
$70 after June 10 (paypal payments add $4 fee). Checks, cash and credit card accepted contact Janelle.
CHECKS PAYABLE to Janelle Rodriguez
Contact: janelle@janelledance.com

Isabella Salimpour - Isabella Salimpour is a 3rd generation dancer, actress, and singer. As the daughter of master belly dance instructor and performer Suhaila Salimpour, and granddaughter of Jamila Salimpour, Isabella has been on stage since the age of 2 and assisting in her mother’s workshops since the age of 8. She learned belly dance from her grandmother in the traditional way of watching and following in the living room of their family home, and Isabella is one of the first dancers to be raised on her mother’s codified and classicized method of belly dance. She has performed with the Suhaila Dance Company since she was 7, and in 2014 performed in her mother’s most recent theatrical production, Enta Omri, where she danced the featured solo. She has taught both adult and youth classes, and in 2015 she was the youngest dancer to teach at Tribal Fest (on her 17th birthday). She is also a core member of Bal Anat, which she hopes to direct one day as her mother and grandmother have before her.

More here: http://www.salimpourschool.com/legacy/isabella/

Hosted by Janelle Belly Dance and Desert Dream Dance Studio!

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