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Salimpour workshop santa cruz

Salimpour workshop santa cruz

Suhaila Salimpour will be back in Santa Cruz
March 25-26 2017 - Salimpour School of belly dance format overviews

Both Suhaila Salimpour and Jamila Salimpour formats will be presented as well as a drum solo choregraphy and special Arabic music class with Fathi Al Jarrah.

The Schedule:

Saturday March 25th: 10am check in - class 11am-5pm, with 1 hr lunch break - Suhaila Format overview 11am-2pm, LUNCH 2-3pm, and 3-5pm drum solo choreography

Sunday March 26th: 10:30am check in - class 11am-5pm with 1 hr lunch break - Jamila Format overview 11am-2pm, LUNCH 2-3pm, and Music class with Fathi Al-Jarrah from 3-5pm

MUSIC CLASS with Fathi Al-Jarrah SUNDAY Mar 26th can be taken seperately 3-5pm $50 for Music class only.
The maqam system is at the heart of Arabic music. Each maqam has its own sentiment and character. Fathi will give an overview of the maqam system and how it differs from Western music scales, and give dancers a foundational understanding into their journey into understanding Arabic music.

The Salimpour School of Dance:
Jamila has been teaching her format and finger cymbal instruction method since 1949. She continued to evolve and develop step familes throughout the years. In the late 1970s the format was compiled in the Danse Orientale manual; soon thereafter, Suhaila was filmed teaching the format in the Archive Series.

Suhaila’s certification program provides a well-rounded curriculum to train students to become complete belly dancers.

Suhaila Salimpour is a highly-acclaimed belly dance performer, teacher, and choreographer. As a teenager, she began integrating the Middle Eastern dance passed on to her from her mother, Jamila Salimpour, with her own extensive training in ballet, jazz, tap, and American street styles. After working as a professional belly dance performer in the Middle East for over 10 years, she established her school and certification program in the United States in the late 1990s. She has choreographed hundreds of dances, from the classic to the avant garde, and was nominated for an Isadora Duncan award for solo performance in 2005. Her methods and approach to teaching belly dance is a true artistic breakthrough: a revolutionary technique that has elevated belly dance practice and performance. Her technique and methods are now used by dancers in all stylizations, and the Salimpour School is one of the most respected and influential schools of belly dance in the world

Benefits of the Salimpour Program! Train to be the best dancer you can be!

For the Student:
Learn body awareness and proper technique offered in a safe and structured format.
Progress in creativity and emotional development within a supportive, positive learning environment.
Build on knowledge gained in previous levels, as each subsequent level is part of a carefully crafted and consistent continuum of knowledge.
Learn choreography, improvisational and teaching skills.

For the Instructor & Professional:
Establish professional credentials and enhance your teaching resume. Receive intelligent material for class curriculum and learn how to develop curriculum. Develop as an artist, gaining the tools to anticipate and respond to change. Create a continual and lifetime path for learning new things and developing skills. Provide greater earning potential; the tremendous demand for Suhaila Salimpour format instruction is worldwide!

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